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People need a powerful WHY in order to endure the difficulty of the HOW.

-David Brooks

We believe in David Brook’s quote.   Educators who work with vulnerable learners often have a profound and deeply personal reason for engaging in their work.  We do too!  Our ‘WHY’ keeps us motivated, focused, and always willing to go the extra mile.

We don’t offer a magic bullet.  Magic solutions don’t exist.  Effective instruction require patience, focus, and a sincere willingness to try new things.   Our methodology offers simple strategies, however, simple isn’t easy.  Becoming a master of the Mockingbird methodology requires focus, practice, and a willingness to question, to reflect, and  to try new things.

Mockingbird’s WHY is a belief in the potential and power of education to transform lives, socioeconomic circumstances, communities, and self. We engage in our work with passion, energy, and without apology.  Our culture is driven by the mantra,  ‘I am not afraid of better!”  and in this spirit, we continuously challenge ourselves, each other, and our clients.

The Mockingbird Education Team

Meet Our Team

CEO and Founder

Tamara Thompson

Tamara Thompson, M.S., is CEO and founder of Mockingbird Education. She is an award-winning educator and has received state and national recognition for both instruction and curriculum. Tamara is a former 2003 Teacher of the Year for the Austin Area, a recipient of the Michael Jordan Foundation’s Innovation Grant Award, a recipient of Southern Poverty Law’s Teaching For Tolerance Grant Award, a former YBUSA Teacher Fellows and in 2010 was awarded a Research Doctoral Fellows at University of North Texas in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Shannon Sims

Shannon joined Mockingbird in 2012. She is a former youth development professional and Rogue Community College ABS Faculty. Shannon has over 10 years of direct experience teaching vulnerable learners in Adult Basic Skills, and 15 years as a professional development provider. Recognized for her abilities in instructional design, Shannon wrote contextualized ABS curriculum for the state of Oregon with the Ocean Math and Sciences Collaborative Project, was a pilot instructor with the Oregon Learning Standards for Adult Basic Skills project, and was a NOAA Teacher at Sea for the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. With Mockingbird Education, she provides professional development, consulting, implementation support, evaluation, research, and curriculum development for education programs that serve low-socioeconomic and marginalized learners.


Phone: 469-500-3570

Contracts and Logistics

Ibby Gill

Ibby joined Mockingbird Education in 2011.  Since joining the team, she has become the driving force behind the scenes. She handles all logistical elements of the company from drafting contracts, to invoicing and banking, to making all travel arrangements for trips around the world. She keeps schedules organized making sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there, and  takes care of some editing and printing resources as needed.

In her former life, she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Missouri and her Paralegal Certificate from the School of Paralegal Studies in Atlanta, Georgia. She practiced as a Paralegal in Alabama and California before moving to Kansas and walking away from her career to raise her 2 young boys. She spent 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, running a household and all things PTA before returning to the workforce with Mockingbird Education.

Now, settled in Texas with her husband and 2 sons, she spends her time away from Mockingbird at the baseball field and volunteering with the band boosters.


Phone: 844-778-7372

Youth Interns

 We  provide a  diversity of employment and mentoring opportunities for young adults within our community.

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Our Motto

Words we live by...

Words we live by… I am not afraid of better!

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