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We have courses to meet your needs and schedule.

Our offerings range from our essential workshop series (READY Essentials 1,2,3), to specialty workshops in specific topics, to workshops that focus on implementation. You can attend public workshops in various cities throughout the United States, sign up for courses online, or bring Mockingbird to your location.

Whatever you choose, every course is taught by a seasoned expert Mockingbird facilitator.  We’ve designed our workshops to give you the most experiential and immersive learning experience.  Now, no matter where you are located,  a quality training awaits you.

Methodology Essentials Courses

Essentials courses focus on our cognitive behavioral teaching approach and the essential strategies of the Mockingbird Methodology. Attend one  or attend all three.  Attend READY to Educate, READY to Motivate, or READY to Mediate.

Methodology Specialty Courses

Specialty courses are in-depth courses that offer an opportunity for professionals to dive deeper into specific Methodology topics.  Speciality courses emphasize strategy over theory, and provide opportunities for demonstration and practice.

Community Courses

Community courses on the Mockingbird Methodology  are designed to teach parents and students cognitive behavioral learning strategies.

Coaching and Reinforcement Courses

Coaching and reinforcement courses develop and deepen instructional knowledge and skills in Methodology strategies with the help of a Mockingbird coach.


Online Courses

Mockingbird courses are available online.

On Location

On Location Courses

Bring Mockingbird course to your location.

On the Road

On the Road

We offer  public Methodology workshops throughout the United States.

Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Visit our calendar of events.