Are You Ready?

We are looking for the best and brightest.  If you share our passion forteaching vulnerable learners, are savvy with instructional technologies and e-Learning, and you have what it takes to become a model of instructional excellence, Mockingbird is the company for you.
We promise you have not worked with anyone like us before.  We are a Frisco-based organization that’s changing the way education programs and educators teach and interact with instruction, curriculum, and vulnerable learners.  With a growing team that works closely together, we move fast and enjoy what we do.
At Mockingbird Education, we live and breathe our core values, we treat each other really well, and we love what we do – every day.  We’re always looking for amazing people to work with. If you think you’d be a great fit for any of our open positions, we want to hear from you!

Staff Positions

In Mockingbird curriculum, the learner experience is paramount. MB writers focus directly on the learner experience integrating critical connections between motivation, emotion, self-awareness, and cognitive elements of learning.

MB writers design learning experiences that center around peer collaboration, questioning, inquiry, self-monitoring, and self-actualization using these tools as learning objectives throughout our curriculum.

MB’s award-winning  facilitators are active learning specialists who orchestrate the perfect union between researched-based education, modeling, and fun. MB facilitators continually hone skills to engage vulnerable learners in fundamental learning while developing content knowledge and skill proficiency in higher-order thinking and reasoning.  MB facilitators know their stuff ! MB’s methodology is grounded in over 60 years of research in the areas of: cognitive science, resiliency, sociocultural learning theory, youth development, pedagogy, social psychology, and adult education.

MB consultants know there is a huge difference between training and implementation. Our consultants are world-class mediators, innovative problem-solvers, and responsive communicators who truly love to help our clients navigate organizational change.

Our youth internship positions provide paid opportunities for youth  to work at Mockingbird Education to gain business, operational and computer experiences which transfer to work skills for future employment.   Our youth interns assist in the planning, administration, and implementation of Mockingbird Education projects.  Duties and responsibilities vary based on the assignment and needs of Mockingbird Education projects.

Current Opportunities!

We are looking for experienced and talented curriculum writers!